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Steven Kilgore, LCSW, BCD, MAC

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Since becoming licensed in 1986, Steven has amassed extensive experience practicing psychotherapy in Atlanta’s private sector. He provides individual, couple’s and family therapy.  He specializes in the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress management, family issues, trauma, addiction, insomnia, obsessive /compulsive disorders, sexual orientation issues, and pain management.


As a therapist, Steven utilizes a variety of treatment approaches which include interactive psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, brain spotting, medical hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and neuromuscular relaxation training. In therapy, his clinical approach is tailored to the individual’s or family’s treatment needs and preferences.  


Steven is a graduate of Emory University and the University of Georgia. He is a licensed clinical social worker, fellow and diplomate of the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists, and a Master Addiction Specialist. In addition to clinical practice, Steven has served in a variety of leadership positions in and around Atlanta. 

Client Focus 

Ages: 17+


Stress Management

Family/Couple's Issues

Sexual Orientation

Pain Management

Obsessive compulsive disorders

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