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Sam Booth CMPC,BSC, MSc

Sam is a certified mental health performance consultant and coach. With a rich background in motivational techniques and performance/sports psychology, he excels at assisting people with obstacles hindering their personal or career aspirations, whether in school, college, business, sports, or fitness. 


Prior to joining Hirt Psychology, Sam served as a mental health performance coach with Atlanta's Westminster's Upper School. In this role, he excelled at building rapport and providing mental health support and counsel to students. He also advised the athletic department, student athletes, and the counseling  center on matters related to student well-being and performance.


Sam provides virtual coaching/consultation sessions. Clients go to him seeking support, guidance, and accountability for recurring psychological challenges and for help pushing through roadblocks. He empowers people to cultivate a healthier perception of themselves by developing effective coping strategies which boost confidence, drive, and self-belief. 


Sam's work draws from Solution-Focused Therapy methods. These are short-term and goal oriented methods. Sam employs additional techniques from Multimodal Therapy. These techniques address harmful thought/beliefs patterns, emotions management, healthy vs unhealthy behaviors, physical sensations, and interpersonal skills. 


In addition to Sam's work at Hirt Psychology, he is also a final- year candidate at the University of Birmingham (UK), where he conducts groundbreaking research in Sports and Performance Psychology.

Client Focus 



Help with Focus

Coping Skills for Performance Anxiety

Improved Communication Skills

Develop Skills for Anger Management

Motivation to Start

Enhance Performance

Cope with Stress

Guide Injury Recovery

Keep Up with Exercise

Help Finding Joy and Passion

Promote Healthy Self-Esteem

Develop Relaxation Techniques

Change Thought Patterns

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