What services do you offer?

Hirt Psychology offers: 
-Individual therapy

-Family Therapy
-Psychological Consultation 

Where are you located?

We are located in downtown Vinings- close to the 285 Paces Ferry exit. For further direction please visit our contact page or call our office.

How does the process work?

 Call or text to set up an appointment. You will  then be sent via e-mail a link to enter the secure client portal so that you can complete the intake paperwork on the portal. This should take approximately 30-45 minutes.

*Please note: You also have the option to print out the paperwork via the link or you can request to come early to your appointment and complete the paperwork at the office.


The first session (intake evaluation) is to gather information, and for the therapist to learn about what brings you or your loved one to seek services. It is a time to discuss what you want to gain from therapy.  We will go over the intake paperwork and address concerns and/or questions. The intake evaluation is usually about 75 minutes. During this time you and the therapist will discuss plans for treatment.

Sessions after the initial intake are typically 45 -55 minutes.  The frequency of sessions will be up to you and your therapist. 

What can therapy help me or my child with?

Good question, and you're off to a good start by researching options for support. Therapy can help if you or a loved are experiencing any or a combination of the following:

~mood issues (e.g., frequent crying, feeling depressed or   irritability) 

~worrying a lot or frequent bouts of anxiety

~poor self-image/self-esteem 

~trouble concentrating/ completing tasks or ADHD concerns 

~relationship problems 

~behaviors that may be detrimental (e.g.,drinking too much   or skipping school)

~trouble fitting in or social anxiety

~body or food issues 

~difficulties arising from experiencing trauma 

These are just some of the  issues that someone might seek therapy for.  Sometimes life transitions can also be hard and confusing, such as losing a loved one or a young adult getting ready to go off to college. The aim of therapy is to improve the quality of your life- whether it be accomplishing  school or work goals, improving relationships, or maybe feeling happier in your own skin. Your mental health is worth the investment!!